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Second transnational meeting

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The second transnational project meeting was held online due to COVID-19 restriction measures and the impossibility to travel, with the participation of project partners from Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, and Poland 

The consortium engaged in a brainstorming process on IO2 and IO3 that refers to curriculum development and tasks division. In particular, the partnership was discussed on the course manual template and thus AID team presented the modules which are:

1. Smart Governance: Governmental Organization, Citizen participation, Use of technology

2. Smart Environment: Recycling, Smart lighting 

3. Smart Transport – Smart Mobility: Smart parking, Infrastructure for bicycle paths, Smart card

4. Smart life: Open mall

The partnership had the opportunity to share examples of real problem-solving activities, whereas the lead organization FUE-UJI presented a lesson plan template, different methodologies, learning app interactive activities and interactive games that will be used and support each module. Finally, partners had the chance to discuss managerial issues and further logistics as well as to share practices in order to enhance the dissemination and visibility of the project

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